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Be the Flamingo in that flock of Pigeons

As a Small Business Coach I can help you develop a business plan, execute on your idea, and work alongside you make your business model profitable and successful.  

Perhaps you need advice on:

Where to start?

How to stand out from the crowd?

On what area to best focus your time?

I can also act as an impartial judge for your ideas.  Sometimes it's very difficult to get another opinion on these when you are working 'solo', right?

Whether you want to sign up for one session or one year, I've offer affordable options to give you that extra bit of support, objectivity and accountability you're looking for.

My Coaching calls are all offered via Zoom (or face-to-face if you live in the Barcelona area).  They are designed specifically for small businesses and always tailored to suit your needs.

Prior to booking a Coaching call, please get in touch to arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss the support that you need.